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Bab Taghzout, the door of Taghzout.

This door in the Medina opens on one of the last popular and authentic district, reflecting a bubbling Medina, full of colors and life. Here, in the cool of the colourful lanes, life bustle, between hammam, markets, shops you will recognised a Medina as we can imagine: authentic, joyful, full of surprises.

Morocco is also hospitality and generosity of its inhabitants. Taking the time, a notion that tends to be forgotten on the opposite side of the mediterranean sea: “we know what time it is but they know how to take it”.

So let’s stroll and walk in this tangle of lanes, let’s breathe the fresh smells of cumin and coriander. Senses reveal themselves, between the streets agitation and the calm of an extremely charming Riad, just for a break that will give you a complete change of scene. Our Riad is located just a few steps away from precious architectural richnesses like the majestic Sidi Bel Abbes surrounded by little shops and market gardeners.

During this stay ones goes to meet a culture and sometimes finishes to meet oneself. Feel the well-being, an orange flower argan oil massage, an attention, a smile, take the time for you. So why not giving in to temptation to experience these discoveries? Water, one of the most beautiful element that makes us alive. Dive into the water of the swimming-pool of the Riad, relax in its fresh pools in a quiet atmosphere with only the sounds of the running fountain. Walk, smell, look, touch the shopkeepers objects and have fun negotiating, chatting, laughing with the ones for who taking the time to live still remains a real luxury.